Organ building is truly an artisan profession

Specialized discipline

Organ building is a small and highly specialized discipline, however there is no specific study geared towards it. Many colleagues start with the vocational college for woodworking, furniture and interior design or a study at the Conservatory, others have a more technical education.

They finally get into organ building via an internship with an organ builder, or because of their great interest in organ music and organs.

Learn the craft through practice

Organ building is truly an artisan profession. A lot of craft knowledge is passed on from organ builder to organ builder. If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, you need to become an apprentice to an organ builder and learn about the craft in practice. The next step would be to specialize in woodworking, intonation or design.

Woodwork is my favourite. It really is craftsmanship. You can create something beautiful!

A lot of craftsmanship and creativity

Organ building is also a very versatile profession that involves a lot of craftsmanship and creativity. Many different types of materials are being used; first of all wood and lead, but also felt, various types of leather and warm bone glue. There is a specific application for everything.

It’s always special to see an organ that is completely finished. The organ is put into use, often during a special concert, and everyone is involved. Pretty unique to know that one has contributed to this beautiful instrument.

The most beautiful part is the diversity. I also tune organs and I am involved in the intonation. I work with wood, I work with leather, with everything. This is a very unique profession.

Vocational college for Woodworking and Furniture

College for Woodworking, Furniture and Interior Design

College for Woodworking, Furniture and Interior Design

preliminary training for organ building

Higher Professional Education (HBO) in Conservatory

There are 11 conservatories

There are 11 conservatories

preliminary training for organ building